Praise the crafting gods, Project Run and Play is back! I was doing really well sewing along last season until we decided to home school our monsters kids. That choice has turned my life upside down, but I'm slowly getting used to our new normal and realize that if I don't do something for myself I am going to scream {more than usual}, 
so here we are! 

This week's challenge is to make a look using mostly knit fabric, so here is my 

Modern Bohemian Maxi dress. 

I'm usually not a pattern girl, but I saw the Haven dress by Violette Field Threads and 
HAD TO HAVE IT! I've been waiting for a reason to sew one up! 

I used a Nicole Miller scuba knit fabric from JoAnns and some "leather" to make the look a little bit more grown up {when did she get so big?!}. I adore the print and love that it was a thicker knit so I was able to sew it to the leather without any stretching issues. 

I lengthened the pattern because my daughter loves maxis and the fabric is 
too pretty to make into a short dress!

But the guys....THE BACK, look at it! To die for, right?

And if you have ever been here before you know I am the worst decision maker ever, 
so here are all the other pictures I wanted to add! I took over 300 and had to bribe her 
with cash, so I might as well use them!

I had such a lovely time planning and sewing and I can't wait to make some "me time" to sew along again next week! Head on over to Project Run and Play and see the other looks!

And while I have you all....any homeschoolers out there? Tips for a newbie?? 
Other then invest in lots of coffee...'s only been five months since I last posted! I'm so awful! I do have a good reason though! We have decided to start homeschooling this fall and I have been researching everything and trying to make a plan. I'm totally freaking out! I am hoping to start "classes" on Monday along with the rest of our county. Praying that my kids cooperate and it goes well! Any other homeschoolers out there?