My little Annelise is going to be Anna to go with my older daughter's Elsa costume {which is currently kicking my sewing butt!} and I knew that I would never get an applique to look right, so I used this free image to make a Silhouette cut file.

I used freezer paper to make a stencil, busted out my paints and this is the result!
 I couldn't be happier! {ignore messy ironing board}

Just a sneak peek....mainly because she flips out every time I put it on her! At this rate my older daughter won't have a costume, my son will only have the head portion and my littlest one will be screaming and trying to take hers off! Wish me luck! 
Lil Mrs Tori

I was scrolling through my old posts and came across my boys look {tied for first place with Cherie from You and Mie!} from Project Run & Play a few seasons ago, and realized how much easier it would have been to make the {awesome, am I right?} shirt if I'd had my Silhouette all those years ago! I figured I'd make the design into a free cut file for y'all if anyone wants to use it. I think my son might need a new shirt! Click here for the free cut file!

As always, send me pics or a link and I'd love to feature you!

My daughter was invited to a friend's Frozen themed birthday and HAD to have something to wear that matched the theme...wonder where she gets that from...  Of course she only told me this the day before and I didn't have time to scour the world {aka Target} for an available Frozen shirt, so my Silhouette came to the rescue! I hoard had some silver heat transfer material, a plain t-shirt from Target {of course} and came up with this. She was very happy and we ended up making another one for her friend as an extra gift.

Check out the details...I LOVE this thing! 

If you have a little Frozen fan, grab the free cut file here. I'd love to feature you if you use it, please send me a picture! Enjoy!


Too Much Time On My Hands

I'm in mourning, Project Run & Play season 10 is officially over. *sniff sniff* Now I have no excuses as to why my house is a mess! Darn. Oh, wait...I have to make costumes now...then Thanksgiving...then Christmas! Yay for putting off cleaning!

Here are my looks for this season, I'm pretty proud of how they all turned out. 
Looking forward to Season 11!