Will be announced Monday! I love my dress, but there are some other beautiful designs, cross your fingers for me! I already have my look sewn for next week {thanks to Grandma for visiting and keeping my munchkins busy!}, so check back Monday to see my hand-me down/upcycled look, I LOVE it! 

Head over to Project Run & Play and check out the beautiful look that won the designers competition!

Thank you for all the comment love on my outfit, makes me giddy every time I read one! 

I'm so excited that I was able to sew along with Project Run & Play this week! I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it in time!

As soon as I found out the 80s cartoon theme I know EXACTLY what I wanted to do! My daughter is obsessed with My Little Pony {which I may or may not watch...}, and Princess Celestia is one of her favorite characters. I had to use her as my inspiration, her mane is comprised of my favorite colors and Bella loves all things twirly, so I knew the design would be perfect!

It's made of three layers of beautifully sheer chiffon which match the mane perfectly! The tunic is longer on both sides to help create the various lengths, curves... 

and to add extra twirly-ness {that should totally be a word}. I mean seriously...look at that twirl! 

I attached the layers to a piece of faux gold leather. The gold is one single piece that makes up the front yoke and the back seam. There is a button closure to mimic Princess Celestia's "cutie mark".

I also made some white leggings and ruched the sides with sparkly gold elastic. 

She looooves it and has been having a great time wearing it and prancing around like a pony. I think Princess Celestia would be proud. 

I'm insanely indecisive, so here are a few more pics of my Celestial Princess look! 

Hopefully I will be able to find time to sew along for next week too, the theme is "The "Hand-me-down" Makeover. Using hand-me-downs (or upcycled clothing) make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear."

Here are some of my past Project Run & Play entries and feel free to peek around my little blog!! 

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Check back next week to see next week's entry! Off to scrounge for hand-me-downs...

Project Run & Play Season 10 is starting!!!! The themes are awesome (as always) and I'm going to attempt to sew along again. I have missed it so! 

"Week #1:  80's Cartoon Inspired
The 80's cartoons are taking over the fashion world!  Use your favorite 80's cartoon as inspiration for an everyday outfit. Think inspiration not costumes.  (Really...no costumes...:)
Week #2:  The "Hand-me-down" Makeover. 
Using hand-me-downs (or upcycled clothing) make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear.
Week #3:  The Denim Challenge
Using some sort of denim for the majority of your outfit create something fabulous for your child to wear.

I have a plan for this week's theme, and have actually started it, gasp! Now let's see if I can finish it!