My friend was in charge of my daughter's school book fair, which was outer spaced themed this year. She knows that because of this kid, cute as is he, I am unable to help in the school. Because he would destroy. No joke. But, goodness he's cute!

So she asked me to help make some decorations instead. Invasion of the space pumpkins! That could totally have been an old movie title. Seeing at that it was almost Halloween and it was an outer space theme it seemed fitting.

I found one large carve-able pumpkin, a bunch of small pumpkins, a cheap charger, chrome spray paint, Christmas picks, green paint and googly eyes at my craft store and set to work. I totally didn't take any pictures of the process. Lack of coffee moment.

First I cut the pumpkin in half (as well as my finger). Then I used my soldering iron to cut/melt an opening in the charger to look like some sort of door, and glued it in between the two pumpkin halves. I added old Mardi Gras beads and foam pieces to make it a little fancier (and cover up my poor cutting job and gobs of hot glue) and then spray painted the whole thing with chrome paint.I added some foam paper stairs and a little sharpie on the "door" and the UFG (unidentified flying gourd) was done.

 To make these cute little guys (who hopefully came in peace) I just used iridescent green paint, stuck in two Christmas picks and glued on three eyes.

 And done!
Apparently they were such a hit they used it as a back drop of pictures on Grandparents day. Maybe it was an old movie...hmm

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