These were a last minute project due to the panic attack my friend gave me the night before my daughter started kindergarten. She asked if I was giving the teachers anything. O.M.G! I was supposed to send them a gift on the first day?!?! EEK! Of course she didn't mention this till 6pm the night before. After I finished hyperventilating, I piggybacked on her idea and whipped up these. I had to do something or the teachers were sure to HATE MY BABY, right?!

We decided to be corny and go with "We are 'fortunate' that you are our teacher!" How punny is that?!? Eesh, I hate myself for typing that!

She picked up some Chinese take-out boxes and I made these (no sew!) fabric fortune cookies.

Fortunately (I cannot escape the puns!), since it was only 12 hours till school, I had all these products on hand in my craft hoarding closet.

You will need fabric, I think using these modern funky fabrics was what made them extra awesome, stiff iron-on interfacing, wire (I used floral wire), a length of ribbon, wire clippers, an iron and a hot glue gun.

 Step one, trace a circle onto the fabric. Mine were 5" across. Sharpie used for illustration purposes, I don't suggest it. Cut out a circle a tiny bit smaller out of the interfacing.

 Iron the interfacing onto the back side of the fabric. Take your wire and cut it slightly smaller than your interfaced fabric circle. Hot glue it on. Put the ribbon on top of the wire and hot glue it on to cover up the wire.

 Take the circle and fold it in half along the wire line. Take your glue gun again and glue just a small area in the CENTER of the half circle so the ends remain open.

 Slip your "fortune" through the inside. Take the long side and bend the wire backwards into a U shape and there ya go!

p.s. NOT true, we were the only ones who sent anything in. I am still thinking of a way to exact revenge on her for giving me a mini-heart attack!

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  1. You brought that heart attack upon yourself! :P It should be noted, however, that the teachers loved them so much, they asked how to make them so they could use them as motivation during team meetings!