Since I am a TOTAL suck-up, as seen here, I just had to give my daughter's teacher Halloween presents. Cause that's normal, right?

I found these adorable ideas (inspiration one and inspiration two) on Pinterest and decided to combine them to make some spooky soaps. First I found some orange hand sanitizer (thanks Target!) and created a label in Publisher, cause I'm old school! I printed it onto a overhead projector transparency, be sure to follow the directions! I cute it out to the right size and slid it INSIDE the soap bottle using the "straw" to position it. It made a huge slimy mess, but it worked. The soap made it magically suction onto the inside, don't ask me how, but it works. I made this cute label, feel free to use it, just add your kid's name. Tied them together and scored more cool mom points with the teachers.


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