So since I am "crafty mom" I am in charge of decorating my daughter's kindergarten class' 'Storybook' tree. They chose 'The Gingerbread Man' story as inspiration. At the beginning of this I was craving some gingerbread cookies, but now I never want to see them again! At least not until Christmas when I am sure I will devour a few dozen...yummy.

Here are a few easy/kid-like ornaments for their tree that I made.

My daughter's teacher keeps sending home huge amounts of craft supplies expecting me to whip up something wonderful...I kinda feel like that girl from Rumpelstiltskin who was expected to make gold out of straw...where is my little magical helper? (It's called COFFEE!)

These tiny rolling pins came home first. Eesh. She suggested painting little gingerbread men on them. One thing that I CANNOT do is freehand anything! Seriously, it's baaaad! Due to my complete lack of drawing skills I am very adept at coming up with ideas to achieve the same result without looking like a toddler did it (really, I'm THAT bad). Modge-podge to the rescue! I found this cheap $1 book of stickers at my local craft store and decoupaged  them onto the rolling pins which I first painted green (so the gingerbread men would be visible) by using a wet paper towel dipped in green paint, rubbed on and then wiped off. Ta-Da!

I couldn't (well, I could have, but this is me we are talking about) just hang up plain rolling pins. So I decided to add little recipe cards to them. Thank you Google for finding the cute recipe card that I used. A little ribbon and hot glue and there ya go! Simple, cute and basically free.

Here it is on Bella-rella's (my daughter, which I'm sure is quite obvious) new 4' tree 
that she insisted we put up today. Starting a Christmas decorating addiction early! Love that girl!


  1. Wow, that's all I can say, you are soooo creative, but this is you Mom and your former homeschool teacher, you misspelled "rescue" wish I still had my red underliner pen. JK

  2. Adorable. And I'm dying reading your response, Elke. :) My kids already dread the red pen.