My daughter desperately wanted a sleepover for her 6th birthday. So I made a horrible decision decided it was ok. She was ecstatic and started planning right away. I have created a monster! Someday I will add pics of all the parties I've planned.

The party day came and our house will filled with seven 5-6 year old girls. Seriously. CRAZY! They had a fantastic time and were still excited in the morning even after only 4 hours of sleep. I don't think I was able to function until the next afternoon.

I "suggested" we go with a night-owl theme, because how freakin' cute is all the owl stuff out there!?!? I googled and pinterested (totally a word, right?) and came up with some super cute ideas.

My first inspiration is this awesome party over at Snowy Bliss. Ok, so I used ALOT of her ideas!

For some reason, most likely denying the fact that my baby was turning 6, I didn't start planning her party until two weeks before. Lucky for me I was able to buy these adorable templates which saved me some serious time! They turned out wonderfully and were totally worth the money!

I also bought the sewing templates for her stuffed owls. This is how mine turned out. The girls LOVED them!

I was flip-flopping between making the girls fleece blanket or pj pants, since it was a slumber party and all, but the price of all that fleece was crazy and the pj fabric wasn't cheap either. Racking my brain I came up with sleepover bags, again no time, so I found these pre-made canvas bags for under a dollar at Hobby Lobby. I used a fabric transfer and some free clipart to make them a little special. If you use a transfer be sure to read the printing instructions first!

I used the bags as a craft and a favor (sneaky I know) I found this AMAZING product that I had never seen before. Fabric markers! I kid you not! Just take them, draw, iron and ta-da! Fantastic!

Personalized owl and bag for favors

Continuing with the time related sub-par decorations I found a bunch of cute clipart online to add some owl-ishness (another real word) to the party.
I wrapped these candles and container with these cute candy bar wrappers enlarged to the right size.

This was a simple grapevine wreath with some glow-in-the-dark stars and these cute owls from a freebie here.

I also printed out some of these modern owls and hung them around. Adore the bright colors!

I added little owls to the "cake", aka nests made from rice krispie treats containing jelly bean "eggs" using the above owl adoption cards. Easiest cake ever!

 If you are ever looking for anything owl related check out My Owl Barn, you will die of cuteness!

Ok, there were some of the semi-cute decorations. The big hit (HUGE hit) was the "fashion show" stage as my daughter called it. This whole set-up was her idea. She is awesome. Basically it was an area roped off with pink plastic tablecloths, with slits so they could dramatically enter onto the painters tape runway and sashay  to their little hearts content. There were racks of dress up clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up and some mirrors hung up. There was even a toy microphone which they used to announce each other. It was so fun to watch them! And kept them busy for HOURS!

 my old caboddle!

so fancy!

I also made her a quick pair of pjs using some owl fabric and this tutorial, a tank and an iron-on decal. Still her favorite pjs.
Happy Birthday, Bella-rella!

added the owls to the project pinterest challenge...see this post for more details and pinterest inspirations!