Since we absolutly ADORE Bella-rella's kindergarten teachers I wanted to let them know we are thankful for them this Thanksgiving. (Cool parent points are always good!) I used this FANTASTIC tutorial and printable from Skip to My Lou. It is amazing and turned out exactly like the sample. LOVED it! Here are mine signed by Bella-rella.

I wanted to add something else (really I was just looking for a reason to use my new metal stamping set!) and decided on a cute bookmark. You know, for the coffee and books thing. Makes sense right? Right? Nod, agree and humor me.

I found this pack of stamping metal at Michaels, and since I had a coupon I could swing it. I had bought this metal stamping kit off Amazon because...umm...yeah...I wanted it. I wish I had bought a bigger size though.

I took one of the sheets that are 6" x 3" and cut it in half. I first scored it and then just cut it with sturdy scissors and sanded any sharp points.

I chose to stamp the phrase "To teach is to change lives forever" onto it. I didn't do a great job, but it was still cute. Two words of advice: PRACTICE FIRST! The copper one worked better and also didn't get as "fingerprinty". I lightly drew some lines to try and keep the letters straight. The hole was made by putting the metal in between two pieces of wood and drilling a small hole. Add a ribbon and you are done!

Here comes the cuteness that kinda makes up for the poor stamping job. I took a piece of scrapbook paper a little bigger than the printable and cut two slits the same width as the bookmark, one a couple of inches from the top and one a couple of inches above the bottom. Then weave the bookmark through the holes.


Since my stamping was horrendous and unreadable not stellar I added a piece of piece of paper in the center with the saying printed on it. It also covers up the not so pretty cut marks.

My daughter added her own little "latte" on the back her! All that is left is to punch some holes, add twine and ta-da! Cuteness!

 I mean, really, how cute is that?!? Thanks again Skip to My Lou!

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