Every Christmas Eve (again with my tradition thing) an "elf" secretly delivers a box of pajamas for us and leaves them on the front porch. Sneaky elves! My daughter is always SO excited when the doorbell rings. Love her.

This year I was planning on making them using this awesome tutorial

however, procrastinator that I am waited too long to buy fabric and it was SOLD OUT! I mean really?? Zero Christmas flannel to be found and I wasn't willing to force my kids (and me!) to wear scratchy ugly Christmas fabric pjs, where's the snugly fun in that?

Thankfully, the pajama elf took pity on me and sent me an email telling me that the pjs at The Children's Place were on sale! Huzzah! The only problem with that was there wasn't one for my son. Uggggghhh. So, I decided to sacrifice my husband's vanity and ordered him an XL so I could use the top to make my son's pants. GENIUS right? So I get to try out the tutorial after all! Everyone wins thanks to the pj elf and his excellent internet reception! Cross your fingers I can make it work and my husband and son won't have to suffer in scratchy pj hell!

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  1. I'm sure they will be adorable, not sure hubby wants to be called that.