One of the best aspects of our neighborhood is that we hire Santa to come and hang out for a couple of hours every year. LOVE it! We get to just hang out for a half an hour with the BEST Santa EVER! He is actually the official "mall Santa" and is wonderful. My daughter has seen him every year, expect when she was 2 and hid in the bathroom and wouldn't go near him! Oddly enough, my 2 year old son did the same thing this year! Thinking I might have to bust out photoshop...hmm...

Since it is very important to look your best I had to make Bella-rella a special dress. She picked out a flower for her hair, which did not match (ARGH!) but she insisted on it. I used a knot dress pattern from Little Lizard King and a beautiful vintage embroidered pillow for the bodice. I adore how it turned out! She did a good job pretending she was on the nice list and won extra sweet points when she went back up to Santa to tell him what her little brother wanted. THAT was cute!

seriously, best Santa ever!

Added the dress to linky parties at The Train to Crazy and Project Run and Play. Check out all the other awesome projects!


  1. WOW, what a treat!! And the dress looks darling!

  2. What a sweet little dress! I love the embroidery.

  3. I love Little Lizard King's knot dress pattern. What a great idea to use the embroidered pillowcase for the bodice!!! It teams up beautifully with the gorgeous fabric. A beautiful dress!!!