Poor Bella-rella has had a fever for the past couple of days, so I felt like I was off the hook for making little holiday treat bags for her class. Apparently, no. She was totally fine when she woke up this morning and is insisting on going to school tomorrow. She missed her class party today and was so sad it was pathetic. Especially since she as fine today. ARGH! Soooo....last minute scramble to get something together for me! Thankfully, I had left over gift bags from last year, a bunch of $1 bin sticker sets from a craft store and a foam snowman kit that we never got to. Huzzah! The bag seemed kinda empty, so google to the rescue and I found this adorable printable over at Tip Junkie (a fantastic site, check it out)! Yippie! And to top it all off I actually had cardstock and ink! WIN! This is a very excited post, isn't it? Lots of "!"'s! Just had to add a few more for emphasis! I'll stop now. Printable below :) Enjoy! (oops, another one)

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