I'm kinda weird about traditions, and even this is bothering me because it's not the same, and have been sending my kids grandparents and great-grandparents photo ornaments every Christmas. I started by using these cute frames...you may ohh and ahh over my cute kids...but since I will need 14 ornaments it was getting a little pricey!

Displayed them using this technique
 Looking around I saw this on pintrest, BEST. SITE. EVER. (other than this one of course). Wow, just noticed my Christmas board has 199 pins! Love!

This one was a little too much for me, aka that would have been $60 worth of cubes!, so I decided to just do one. Thinking more deeply, which happens on occasion, I figured that 4 pics would be cute, but more is better and figured I could hang it on an angle so you can see all six sides. Genius, right?  Let the tutorial commence! Pretty commonsense, but whatever.

I went to my local crafts store and found 2" cubes for $1 a pop. Much better price range! And some tiny little eye hooks. Such as these.

This was the scariest part because I was worried I would split the wood, I didn't :) Yippie for me! I took the tiniest drill bit I had and drilled as close to one corner as I dared, then screwed in the hook.

Since I wanted it to hang at an angle I carefully bent the hook with some pliers. Again, be careful to not split the wood! Can you see that? That's a fabulous picture right there, don't be jealous of my photography skills.

I wanted a little border around the pictures, so I painted the blocks a dark brown. You don't have to paint the whole block since the majority of it will be covered. 

To get the photos (of the cutest kids ever) to the right size I uploaded them and arranged them with a 2"x2" diamond on top so I could make sure I would get the images I wanted. I used microsoft publisher cause I'm old school and I don't have photoshop on my laptop. I printed them out on cardstock and cut out their cute little faces.

I used my trusty Mod-Podge and glued them on and added a layer on top to protect them. Hung them up next to our stockings and there ya go! Super cute keepsakes for barely over $1 a piece!

They would also be cute if you let your child draw or paint on some sides, but I'm a little too OCD controlling crazy picky. I did let them decorate these cute little fingerprint reindeer ornaments though :) Again, one for each grandparent, another tradition...shocker!

Merry Christmas!

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