I know it's already Friday, but let's pretend it's Tuesday ok? Great, thanks!

The day after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because the Christmas decorations get to come out! I have an immense collection of Christmas ornaments, so this process takes a looooooong time! Every year I do a different color scheme (this year it's rich berry colors, yummy) which explains the many, many 20 gallon bins!

Each year (along with the purchase of more decorations...shh) we get a locket ornament from Pottery Barn. My husband and I started this tradition the year we were married, so we are up to 10! I will be devastated when they stop making them! I have been having a problem because I can't hang them on the tree, since they don't match the theme, and have been trying different things each year to display them. I came up with one this year which I love. It looks fabulous, so I thought I would share the how-to.

I used supplies I had on hand, so this was free! Yippie, more money for new ornaments!

I used a frame that I had (broke the glass a few years ago!) which would fit the number and size of the ornaments and a roll of $1 wrapping paper from Michaels.

I took it apart and wrapped the back with wrapping paper. Super easy and works great since it is thin enough to put the frame back together properly.

Here comes the hard part. Measuring! I hate to measure! I am more of an "eyeball it" kinda girl, but for this it needed to be even. Once I did the math (shudder) it wasn't so bad. Mark the increments on the back side so they won't show.

I chose a matching ribbon to hang the ornaments from, which created the biggest sparkly mess ever, I looked like a vampire from Twilight!

The ornaments are very heavy, so I hot glued and duct taped them to the back. Put the frame back together and you're done!

Isn't it perfect?!? 

Sorry about all the weird angles, the flash was reflecting like crazy! Happy December!

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