It was teacher appreciation week at Bella-rella's school this week and she decided she wanted to sew her teachers some pillows. I was so proud! She colored the front fabric with fabric markers (love these!) and chose a pink fleece for the back.

I cut the pieces out for her, but she sewed them and stuffed them all by herself! I helped her close them after she stabbed herself with a needle a few times. She was so proud! Love that girl!

No clue what the teachers will do with these things!


  1. Wow, that is so awesome that you've inspired your daughter to go with a handmade/hand sewn gift! They came out great!!

  2. I would have loved to be given handmade pillows like this when I was teaching. I would have used one as a cushion on my chair and perhaps put the other in the Reading Corner. Great job, Bella-rella!!! Is teacher appreciation week something that is done in all schools?

  3. Pam ~ It is here in the south :)
    Cherie ~ Thanks! She actually asked for a sewing machine for Christmas <3 All the kids ones got awful reviews, so she just uses mine verrrrry carefully!