I can't believe this is already week 4! I have lost all track of time while doing this, but it has been so fun/crazy/stressful/awesome! This week was outwear. Yikes! Almost as scary as the boys week! I was able to make a jacket for boys week, so I figured I would try for another one. I have been coveting this purple and ivory tweed herringbone fabric forever, but never had a reason to use it...until now! Win! It is so pretty and the pictures don't do it justice. So here it is in all it's sweet, girly tweediness (I love fake words)!

And since I can't leave well enough alone I made two separate peter pan collars. One ivory and one fake fur (my whole dining sewing room is covered in fluffy bits of fur!), ruffled jersey leggings with a tweed flower and a crazy hat (love!). Now I will pass out for a few days. Whew!

I used the bodice part of a 1965 dress pattern to get the basic shape for the top, then went from there. I lined the whole thing in a floral print and added lots of pockets! My daughter is HUGE into collecting rocks, sticks, leaves, you name it and shoving her pockets full of them while we are outside, so all the tiny mulch pieces that are still in her pockets end up all in my washing machine...joy. Long intro there, so I made two large divided pockets that I lined with iron on vinyl so I can easily empty the mess out. Smart, right? No more picking bits of mulch out of our clothes. There is also a big gathered pocket (with a heart applique because I can't help myself), which is perfect for carrying around a stuffed animal, another thing she ALWAYS does.

I drafted the peter pan collars (yay me!) using freezer paper and my duct tape childs dress form, which is oh so creepy but very helpful since I do 99% of my sewing while she is either asleep or at school (she's not a big fan of being stabbed with pins either.). I wanted to be able to dress the coat up or down so I made the two separate collars and added ivory ribbon to tie them with. She loves the fur one, I cannot decide my favorite way to wear it. I figure they can be used with a ton of other outfits she has too, gotta love that!

The fantastic hat is made from felt that I shaped and added some felt leaves and made a tweed fabric flower. I gotta admit I was wearing it around the house...shh.

I made the leggings out of knit jersey that I added two vertical pieces of elastic and added another tweed flower. I have gotten mixed reviews about them, but I LOVE them!

So there ya go, my outerwear look!

If I haven't bored you enough with pictures, check out my flickr album! On to next week, a party dress!



  1. Love the lining and the peter pan collar. I saw the ones you pinned and it made me want to make one too!

  2. I love that it can be worn without the collar or with your choice of collars. I personally love the legwarmers!!! I have some similar in the works for my little princess.
    Visiting from Make it Wear it :)

  3. What a gorgeous, feminine jacket!!! I love the detachable Peter Pan collars, especially the look the ivory one gives. And large pockets inside and out... so practical, yet they look great! I like the leg warmers too...

  4. What a stunning coat! The whole outfit is so incredible. The hat, the leg warmers and the whole package! I Saw your project at Run & Play. I hope you stop by and link up Saturday at my sewing only link up.

  5. It's gorgeous-and I LOVE the hat!

  6. The hat and fur collar are TO DIE FOR! I want one to fit me!! Fabulous work!


  7. Stephanie, THIS is why I so desperately want to learn to sew! I just love the colors and fabric choices you made. And you wont get any mixed reviews from me on the leg warmers. They are awesome. Just stunning, girl. Thanks so much for inspiring my readers by linking this @ Drab to Fab Fridays. :)
    Have a great week!

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  8. I think this coat is beautiful, apparently we were on the same purple coat wavelength last week. I absolutely LOVE the legwarmers! I am glad you have been sewing along with PRaP because I found your blog through it and everything you have done is really AMAZING. I think if I lived by you you wouldn't have any choice but to be my friend. That is my nice way of saying I am going to stalk your blog:)

    Oh and I have been trying to comment on your blog with my wordpress id but it won't let me.

  9. I love the collars and the hat. You did a really great job!

  10. Stephanie, just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this tomorrow at Drab to Fab Friday @ Sugar and Spice. I'd love for you to come back tomorrow and link up more of your great ideas. They can be OLD or NEW. Hope to see you then! :)