I made two of these as Christmas gifts, which have now been successfully given, so I can share a (incredibly simple) tutorial for this fantastic serving tray.

First, gather your supplies. I found these amazing vintage German beer coasters at an antique store and fell in love! As this was for my brother, and he is interested in both family history and drinking, it was a win-win!

Luckily, I was able to find a collage frame that was the right size since I didn't plan ahead, I really need to start working on that, I'll plan on it. I found these gorgeous silver handles at Home Depot. There were so many to choose from it took me forever to pick. Granted, most of the time I was trying to stop my son from opening all the little drawers and throwing all the handles across the aisle. I'm happy to report I was able to keep that down to under a dozen flying handles and no injuries. While I was there I also grabbed some longer screws for the handles so they would fit through the frame sides, some super glue and cork sheets. I also was able to find a cheap map at Barnes & Noble.

First take the frame apart and prepare for the dreaded part, math, ugh. Find the center on each of the shorter sides and measure out from there to match the width of your handles. Mine were 3" between the holes, so find the center and measure 1.5" up and 1.5" down from the center. Mark and carefully drill the holes. Since my frame was such high quality (ahem, sure) it worked better if I drilled from the top down. The first hole I drilled from back to front and it ripped some of the coating off. Cross your fingers you measured correctly and screw in the handles.

Fun part! Take the backing of the frame and wrap it with the map just as you would a gift. Marvel at the fact that there are cities called 'Sneek', 'Leer' and 'Sick' all in close proximity and stick your tongue out at Rick Steves smug face on the back. Although that step is totally optional.

 Organize how your want your items to look, I put a tiny piece of tape on the back so I could flip it without them moving around. Reassemble the frame. Cut four small squares of cork and super glue one on to each corner. And there ya go!

Stand back and admire your handiwork, then grimace and take it back apart to remove the price sticker that you left inside. Genius. There ya go! Very simple but fabulous.

I made this one for my older brother.

It was a good thing I bought the super glue since aforementioned son decided throwing handles wasn't fun enough. Sigh.



  1. What a funny person you are - and I too have small children who some bound and determined to create (more) chaos in my otherwise serene (snicker!) life! I really like your idea and thanks for the step-by-step - we have a box of 100 beer coasters my hubby got as a gift - now I can actually use them for something cool.

  2. Great gift! I'm sure this will be added to my father's day gift list! Thanks for sharing at A Couple of Craft Addicts!