I reallllly need to stay on the ball with this! Sheesh. I kinda have an excuse, Cade-man was having asthma issues all weekend, so I was quite occupied. However, I did find these awesome pins last night! Click on the pins or link to be directed to the original site, these are not my ideas!

This post by Dishfunctional Designs has so many ideas of what to make with pallets it makes me want to drive all around town and hoard them! Amazing!

I ADORE this nursery {almost makes me want another little one} and awesome organization idea for any room. Glad I have an ikea nearby! 

 Is it already time for St. Pat's day??? Eek! These free printables over at The Crafting Chicks {great site!} are definitely going to be utilized if I don't get my act together! So cute!

Check out this great tutorial for fabric wall decals over at you and mie! Love Cherie and all her ideas! 

 I HAVE to do this! There are a bunch of other great tutorials over at The Ribbon Retreat too.

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In honor of J.K. Rowling announcing her new novel (SQUEE!) I whipped up a golden snitch necklace out of pieces I had in my magical, messy jewelry supply shoebox (great organization, eh?).

 I am a complete Harry Potter geek, I think I have read every book at least 4 times and have seen every movie at the theater. If you haven't read them I HIGHLY suggest you do, they are so, so, so amazing. I cannot wait until Bella-rella is old enough for me to read them to her.

Planning on making a different one tomorrow :) The books are so good they deserve two necklaces.

Added to the project pinterest challenge. See this post for more details and pinterest inspiration!


I'm cheap. No joke, realllllly cheap. I'm a "I can make that for half the price!" kinda gal, and half the time, half price is still too much for me. So when I saw this gorgeous charm necklace on Anthropologie a few months ago the price tag of over $150 about killed me! It is drool-worthy, but $150?!? Yikes

So I made one out of charms and supplies I had laying around. Who says hoarding is bad?

I think it still needs a few more charms, but it's looking pretty good, charming even! I hate puns, really  I do, but my dad loves them so I think they are genetically stuck in my brain. I apologize.

 The majority of these charms are over 15 years old from when I first started making jewelry, but a few are really special.

So should I add more? Thoughts?

So, I've seen these on pintrest and since I am incredibly cheap, there is no way I would/could buy one! So of course, I made something similar (and FREE)! Tutorial coming soon!

from ModCloth for $88 , I would totally buy them if I could afford it, so pretty!

From Anthropologie, no longer available, but was $28. Love the bright color

Stay tuned ;)

I just realized that it's been 3 weeks since my last pin post! Wow! Project Run & Play made me lose track of everything! Eh, well, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! {but I am bummed my signature look didn't get into the finals...sigh}. Since I don't want to bore you with 21 pins, I'll pick my top ten.  And remember to click on the picture to be directed to the original site as these are not my ideas!  Enjoy!

I am so doing this for Cade-man's room when he stops napping, GENIUS! I can't even express how awesome this is. Check out Cheri's blog to see a video of the whole room. Amazing!

Would love this for my guest room! Check out the blog for other amazing home design ideas

Love! My son is always running around with a "super belt" and cape, these would add to his "super speed!" Chcek out the DIY at Dragonfly Designs

Gorgeous! There are a ton of beautiful pieces at this etsy store! It's All in Mein

Great tutorial for this over at Delighted Momma! I have soooo many of these, super exited to try it!

A great tutorial on this piece, looking forward to trying it!

This would be so fun! Check out the blog for more cute chalkboard ideas.

Cade-man loves puzzles, these would be great to store in little baggies to pull out in waiting rooms or restaurants. Check out giverslog for a ton of other great ideas!

Great idea, check out Crayon Freckles for so many great educational ideas.

Another great waiting room/restaurant game. Tutorial and free printable over at Creative Juice, great blog!

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