I'm cheap. No joke, realllllly cheap. I'm a "I can make that for half the price!" kinda gal, and half the time, half price is still too much for me. So when I saw this gorgeous charm necklace on Anthropologie a few months ago the price tag of over $150 about killed me! It is drool-worthy, but $150?!? Yikes

So I made one out of charms and supplies I had laying around. Who says hoarding is bad?

I think it still needs a few more charms, but it's looking pretty good, charming even! I hate puns, really  I do, but my dad loves them so I think they are genetically stuck in my brain. I apologize.

 The majority of these charms are over 15 years old from when I first started making jewelry, but a few are really special.

So should I add more? Thoughts?