A tutorial with no photos! I'm that good. HA!

I realized yesterday that Bella-rella's only "valentineish" shirt was about 2 inches too short, excellent. I didn't have time to run to Target (ahhh, Target), so I had to make something quickly! I grabbed one of her many stained shirts, how she gets them so dirty is a mystery, a piece of pink felt and some leftover tulle from a tutu. No pics since it was 11:00 last night.

I cut heart shaped piece of felt and then crumpled and twisted a long strip of tulle, tacking it on as I went. Once the heart was covered I quickly hand-sewed it onto the shirt. Super easy (was able to watch SMASH while doing it, LOVING that show) and free. She looks adorable if I do say so myself :)

That's about as awake as she gets at 7am

I forgot to add that I only tacked it onto the shirt so I can easily remove it and use it next year...so sneaky!


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