Here is a quick Tuesday (ahem, yeah, Tuesday) Tutorial just in time for Valentine's Day. Bella-rella loves to make gifts for her teachers, if you haven't noticed, so of course they need a special handmade Valentine's gift!

We had made these a few years ago for her preschool teachers and they turned out adorable. New school, so the teachers will never know we've done it before...shhhhh

There aren't a lot of supplies needed, so they are really cheap and quick. My favorite combination. First you must visit one of my favorite places on Earth...the Target dollar bin...ahhhh. I'm sure you can get socks anywhere, but they always have cute ones and how can you beat ONE DOLLAR for TWO SOCKS! That's like 50 cents each. Awesome. (Nice math, huh? So proud). I had all the other supplies on hand, so I'd say 50 cents a gift is pretty darn reasonable.

Ok, so that whole paragraph just says "Get a pair of socks". Easy. Grab a small ball of polyfill, guessing a couple of cotton balls would work if you don't have any, and shove it into the toe of the sock to form a little head shape. Wrap a rubber band around it to keep it secure.

 Then you will need a Styrofoam ball, mine were 2.5in in diameter (More math! Huzzah!), slice a little off the bottom so it will lay flat and slip it into the sock. You will now have a creepy squid looking thing.

Cut off the excess sock, if your 6 year old helps you, this is the result. Poor sock.

Then you will need to flip the whole thing upside down and work with the fabric to make it nice and smooth and sew it together. It will look awful. I forgot to take a picture, but it wasn't pretty. To solve this issue, glue something over it. Yeah for hiding mistakes!

not as creepy

I used scrap of felt to make the decorations, but anything would work. By now your 6 year old will have left and you will get to finish them alone. At least she only maimed the sock.

I probably should have used fabric glue, but I was lazy impatient so I used hot glue. Make sure to tie a ribbon around it's neck to cover the rubberband...again, yeah for hiding things!

Hopefully there isn't a PETA for crafted animals, because this part is brutal. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner about 6" long and carefully jam it through the poor things head. Seriously, ouch!

Make them less creepy by wrapping each side around a pencil a few times to make them all curly. And there ya go! Not too bad for 50 cents!

ignore the piece of rice on the floor, Cade-man has an indoor "sandbox"

I said ignore the rice!

Cutest bug butt ever! No rice here!

To make it a more special (and I had no idea how to wrap them) I used this ADORABLE free printable from dandee designs (great site!) and made it a little more mushy for the teacher by adding this awful, grammatically incorrect rhyme. But it's cute.

Make two holes and tie the little love bug on, have your kiddo sign their name and you are done! Happy Valentine's everyone!



  1. Thanks for the laugh, love your sense of humor.

  2. Soo cute! I will have to keep this on my to-do for when my little B is in school.

  3. I wish I'd seen this two days ago! Oh well, here's to next year :)