My friend, and author, Delilah S. Dawson's debut novel Wicked As They Come is coming out in 6 days! So excited for her! She describes it as a "a steampunk paranormal romance", and people are dressing up in steampunk fashion for the book launch party. Probably a really bad decision, but I have decided to steampunk myself up a bit. Be on the lookout for some horribly embarrassing pictures and be sure to check out her book, blog and some video clips! Ain't she purty?

And really, who can resist a half naked vampire in a top hat?


Thanks you all you wonderful fans out there I made it to the second round of American Crafter! Huzzah! This week was "kids week". I have figured out that I am not a fan of such broad parameters, my "unable to make decisions" self goes a little crazy! I ended up making three things because I wasn't in love with the first two. Don't get me wrong, they are super cute, but IMPOSSIBLE to get good pictures of! And since you all cannot experience my craftiness in person, photos play a big part. {Must practice using my camera}. But I'm very happy with what ended up with!

Bella-rella LOVES collecting things outside, it drives me crazy, the amount of dirt, pine straw, leaves and rocks I find in her pockets is nothing short of amazing. And I'll admit it, I love the Tinkerbell movies. It's kinda sad when the adult tries to convince the child to watch them. Sad. But seriously, doesn't she makes the cutest fairy ever!

I found a flameless candle lantern at Homegoods for $10, {nice!} which I dismantled and spray painted to turn into the house. My favorite aspect is that the front opens, brilliant! It makes me feel like less of a jailer, cause you know, the fairy can get out...cause it's real and all. Again, sad.

I had my little nature collector gather some leaves, rocks, flowers, clover and mossy stuff, no clue what it was, to add to the house. Since it was real and everything wilted, she promptly tore it all apart and turned it into a cage for her pretend bird. It lasted about 20 minutes. Poor fairy.

I hope you like my little fairy house and pretty, pretty please VOTE FOR ME! I would LOVE to get to the next round!

The fairy will be very happy. ;)


Instead of whining about not making it onto Project Run & Play (sniff) I want to thank the over 200 of you that voted for me! I am surprised that I did so well due to my lack of followers (love you all!) and will forever treasure the screen shot I have of when I was winning!

 I am looking forward to the sew-along for this season, and maybe I will try again in the fall if they have open auditions.

I did make it to round two of American Crafters, so expect me to beg for votes come Friday! This week's theme is kids...still debating what to make!

Thank you all again!


And I end the day with a little more begging, because I am now obsessed with these competitions. Who knew I was so competitive?!? Send me some crafty love and vote for me! Pretty, pretty please with a virtual cherry on top!

 (I mean it's PROJECT RUN & PLAY! Really!)

I reallllly don't want to get kicked out on the first round, so help a girl out! I know you want to see what I have planned for next week!

 You're the bestest!