The house has been overtaken my the stomach virus from hell and a middle of the night tornado warning so things have been a little crazy over here.

The kiddos passed out for a little nap and I finally had time to browse the awesomeness that is pintrest and I found these. Remember to click on the picture to be taken to the original site, these are not my ideas!

I am LOVING this idea from Decor Hacks. So fantastic and easy!

 I don't know if it would be possible to love this idea more than I do. I wish I had started it when Bella-rella graduated pre-k.
Source: via Joke on Pinterest

Nicely done, IKEA, nicely done. Check out a list of 25 new IKEA products over at babble.

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  1. I still know abby's K3, preK, and 1st grade teachers... may go back and have them write in one! I love it!