My friend, and author, Delilah S. Dawson's debut novel Wicked As They Come is coming out in 6 days! So excited for her! She describes it as a "a steampunk paranormal romance", and people are dressing up in steampunk fashion for the book launch party. Probably a really bad decision, but I have decided to steampunk myself up a bit. Be on the lookout for some horribly embarrassing pictures and be sure to check out her book, blog and some video clips! Ain't she purty?

And really, who can resist a half naked vampire in a top hat?



  1. Aw, thanks! I just put my outfit together for the party. Velvet and lace tank top and black tiered skirt from Park Ave. Thrift, corset from Damsel in this Dress, lace shrug from some online shop. You're going to be fabulous, I know it!

  2. You are going to put me to shame, but you are the author, so I guess that's ok :)