Instead of whining about not making it onto Project Run & Play (sniff) I want to thank the over 200 of you that voted for me! I am surprised that I did so well due to my lack of followers (love you all!) and will forever treasure the screen shot I have of when I was winning!

 I am looking forward to the sew-along for this season, and maybe I will try again in the fall if they have open auditions.

I did make it to round two of American Crafters, so expect me to beg for votes come Friday! This week's theme is kids...still debating what to make!

Thank you all again!



  1. I have to say, I really thought you should have been a contender. I believe your dress was one of the best! Well, I least I have found your blog in all this!

  2. I agree with Rachel :) I think you should have been a contender, I was so surprised when you weren't! I found your blog because of that beautiful dress also so that is a blessing. I will be voting for you over at American Crafter. :) I think you should audition again next season for Project Run & Play. <3