I really need to take out the whole "Tuesday" part, but I like how it sounds, so we are pretending again! I posted awhile ago about the puzzle jewelry that I have been loving and here is my attempt!

Super simple to do and free if you hoard like me and have all the supplies hidden in a corner of your craft closet....or somewhere....not spread all over the house in random stacks of stuff...I mean, who would do that? Ahem.

First step, steal puzzle pieces from your kid. Or you could be a good parent and go buy a puzzle to use, but apparently I'm not.

 Make sure to do this step while your child isn't around...VERY important. Covertly prime the pieces, I used spray primer. You may not have to do this, but I was worried about the paper bubbling. Again, best not let your child see this. Trust me.

Chose the pieces you want to use. You can also put some together before you spray paint them. To attach them, first flip the pieces over and use a small piece of paper and glue it over the seam. Spray paint them whatever color you want. Me likes pink.

I was out of clear coat, but I highly suggest you spray on a few coats to protect the paint. I ended up with a scratch on mine, so I have to re-do it or my OCD will drive me batty. Random tangent...I saw this on pinterest and about died laughing...

Funny right? Ahem, ok, back to the tutorial.

Decide how you want the piece to hang and make some tiny holes. For some reason, I have no idea why, I have this tiny hole punch. Seriously no idea where they came from. You could use a tiny drill, nail or pin to make small holes where you want.

 Attach jump rings, chain and clasp and you are done. Pretty darn close to the $28 dollar Anthropologie one.

I also made this one with multiple pieces. Loving them!

Now go and steal some puzzles!

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  1. What a great idea, doesn't look terribly difficult either.