I was so close to getting things semi-caught up so I could get back to my sewing/blogging as usual, but along came Cade-man's 3rd birthday and party *SOB* and things went crazy again! I hadn't been on Pinterest in weeks! That is SO WRONG! 

Good news, party was a success...look for pictures soon! 

Bad news, the door to my garage blew shut on my finger and it looks like it went through a meat grinder! It's broken and a lot of the nerves have been crushed, along with a split nail and destroyed cuticle. And of course this happened 30 minutes before the party! Thank God for my parents and husband! It's a weird combination of numb and painful. According to my doctor (who was completely grossed out) it will be screwed up for months. Joy!

Anyhoo....back to pinterest! Here are my favorite new things! Click on the picture to go to the original source, these are not my ideas!

I'm being selfish and really want to make these things for myself!

And some cute things for the kiddos!

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  1. Great finds! Thanks for sharing :)