The school year that is. My little Bella-rella is going to wrap up kindergarten in 10 days! Must. Breathe. I CANNOT believe how fast the year has flown by. I am going to lose it on her last day, my baby is growing up too quickly!

Another terrifying thought....I need end of year teachers gifts STAT! 10 days, whoops! In my panic I turned to pinterest and found these awesome ideas. As always, click on the link to be directed to the original source, these are not my ideas!

I always love the idea of plants. They last and won't be thrown away 5 minutes after school is out. This free printable is adorable!

I'm normally not a huge fan of giving food (or lotions), but looks so classy and you could fill it with anything.

I know, I know, how many mugs can a teacher get, but this is just adorable!

This is a MUST DO next time I'm room mom. LOVE!

These are some cute ideas for classmates...when did kids get so spoiled?!? Sheesh.

Here are some more cute printables.

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 Now off to find a paper bag so I don't hyperventilate thinking about how old my baby is getting....

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