This week is the “signature look” week for my beloved Project Run & Play {sadly that means it’s the last week!}. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get a design sewn this week, but I came up with a plan this morning and was able to find all the materials I needed {who said hoarding is bad!}, so I sat poor Cade-man in front of Curious George and a stack of graham crackers and went to work! Bad mommy!

I love to use vintage pieces in my designs, so that is what I consider my “signature”. I ADORE clothes from the 50s and 60s, so I use those silhouettes often, but sew them using modern fabrics. So…blah, blah, blah, I know you just want to see the dress! Here’s my signature look! Bella-rella named it :)

The Flower Picking Dress
Flower Picking dress
I made a simple dress with a sleeveless bodice and gathered skirt with two border color to bring out the amazing details in the vintage piece.
I made a keyhole for the first time ever and I'm in love! So easy and girly! 
 I made a matching neck hole in the vintage dresser scarf {I always cringe when cutting into these amazing pieces!} matched it up to the dress and sewed them together. The neckline is the only place where the pieces are attached, which gives the overlay so much movement.
DSC_0311-001 DSC_0027-001
 I used a very skinny piece of elastic to gather the overlay where the shoulders are to give the effect of a slight flutter sleeve. 
The crochet edging is just beautiful. DSC_0085
I sewed ribbons on each side to tighten the overlay and give the dress a waist.
I made some matching leggings out of an old t-shirt and some left over crochet trim I had. I love how they mimic the trim on the vintage piece.
And, of course, some pinwheel bows!
I can’t believe that this was the last week of Project Run & Play! This “season” went by so quickly! Check out my flickr page to see more pictures of this dress and my other pieces!


  1. Hahaha. I love the part about Curious George and a stack of graham crackers. I can relate, girl, I can relate . . .

    Cute dress!! It's very "you." :) And I can't believe how quickly you whipped this up!

  2. A wonderful vintage piece again. I love the way you put together the old and the very new. :o)

  3. Love this dress. Your use of fabrics and lace enhances the vintage piece. I want a little girl to sew for.