This week’s challenge was to base an outfit off of a color……sooo…..make about anything! My first instinct was to go with purple, cause I lurve it, and then blue since it’s Bella-rella’s favorite color, but my love of Audrey Hepburn movies forced me to “think pink”! Funny Face is one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies and the ‘Think Pink’ song inspired my outfit. So everyone, Think Pink!!   DSC_0435-002
I didn’t just want to go to the store and by any old pink fabric, I mean this is Project Run & Play! So, I made my own print, I’m beyond in love with it! I was so thrilled that it actually worked! Look for a tutorial tomorrow. My brain is exploding with all the possibilities!           DSC_0373-002DSC_0371-003
I used my “Think Pink” subway art print fabric to make a full paper bag skirt. DSC_0567-002 DSC_0387-002DSC_0432-002
I made a simple bodice with some shoulder ribbons and a matching wrap around waist band.  DSC_0355-002DSC_0462-003DSC_0469-003

I always have to include some hair pretties, so I made a ric-rac headband and a satin flower, in pink of course. DSC_0407-002 
What little girl doesn’t love being all dressed in pink?!  DSC_0563-003
So, keep calm and think pink!  DSC_0544-003
Or run away…..either way.DSC_0426-002
As always, check out my flickr page! Next week’s challenge to a look based of a movie…..stay tuned (heehee, get it? Stay tuned…movies….yeah….so bad!)
ThinkPink! Dress

Here is a tutorial for making the faux batik and you can get the Keep Calm sign here!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink fabric!!! Look forward to the tutorial on making it...

  2. Beautiful as always! Can't believe you're making your own fabric now. No, wait. I totally can. <3