More of a free printable Tuesday, but it is actually Tuesday this time!

I must have been repressing the thought that today was Cade-man’s last day of preschool, so it didn’t occur to me until yesterday that I didn’t have anything for his classmates! Oops! I grabbed a big carton of chalk and came up with these last night while watching Smash {love, love, love Smash!}. They were super simple and perfect for 3 year olds.

  DSC_0979-002 DSC_0984-002

His AWESOME teacher, Bella-rella was lucky enough to have her for two years of preschool. He was trying to run away so he didn’t have to go. I LOVE his school!
I grabbed some chalk, curling ribbon and cardstock. Ta-da! I used a chalk drawing of Bella-rella’s for the background.

DSC_0968-002   DSC_0974-001

Feel free to grab the printable!

chalk-full printable

I was lucky enough to find these cute stencil rulers {12 for $4 at Hobby Lobby } for Bella-rella’s kindergarten class and made this printable to go with it.

DSC_0989-001 DSC_0987-002

Seriously though, how cute are my little ruler letters?!? I die of cute! Feel free to grab it, I left a little space to add your kiddo’s name.

You Rule Printable

My baby girl will only be a kindergartener for 3 more days!



  1. Oh thats super cute. Thanks for sharing the printable! I love chalk board designs!

  2. So cute!! Colorful chalk definitely equals summer. Did you see the post on Kojo Designs today? They were thinking the same thing! Your two kiddos are so dang cute. I can't believe Bella-rella is ONLY in kindergarten! She looks much older in your pictures!

  3. I didn't see that, now I feel even smarter! lol She missed the kindergarten cutoff my 12 days. She's already 6.5....oh dear