My hubby loves Chocolate Chip cookies....I LOVE eating the dough, too bad it's a huge no-no, especially while preggo, so I about died when I saw this today! Egg-less cookie recipe to eat raw! YUM!

Click through the link to get to the original blog, this is not my recipe, but I'd love for you to follow me on pinterest!

So not only did I stop my blog, but I stopped reading my favorites too, just kept up with a few on facebook {please comment with your blogs so I can check them out!} and I just noticed that Project Run & Play is about to start again {on my birthday!}, with some SERIOUS talent! I can't wait to watch and maybe I can squeeze in a few projects myself....

Here are the themes for this season....which should I shoot for?

Here they are:  The themes for Season 6!
Week One:  The Pattern Remix Challenge:  This season we will be remixing The Cottage Home Mama's fantastic Party Dress.  (You can find the tutorial for the dress HERE so pop on over, check it out and remix away!!!)
Week Two:  Stripes and Polka Dots:  This week is all about the stripes and polka dots so base your designs around those fun prints...we are so excited to see what everyone comes up with!
Week Three:  Boys Week:  Create a design of your choice for a boy.
Week Four:  Love is in the Air:  This week will be a Valentine's Inspired challenge.  So design a look for your little one inspired by Valentine's Day.
Week Five:  The Men's Dress Shirt Challenge:  Take a men's button up shirt (doesn't necessarily need to be a dress shirt---like it can be a flannel shirt---just as long as it's a men's shirt and buttons all the way up) and make something wonderful out of it for a child.
Week Six:  Your Signature Look:  Share with us a design created by you, that is all your style.


So it's been an {insanely} long time since I posted, and I apologize! Things here have been crazy and my blog was the easiest thing to give up, but I have missed it so much so I am hoping to revive the poor thing! So be nice and spread the word ;)

First big news, I'm having another baby girl in 26 days! Yep, surprise!!! Baby A is due on January 29th, and get this, I have NOTHING ready! I mean zip, zero, zilch, nothing. It's so sad! I did finally find a fabric that I love for the bumper, so I can get started. What do you think? It's from the Tea Garden Collection by Dena Designs for Free Spirit. I adore the color combo! Especially since the walls are already painted a raspberry color.

If you check out my pinterest board you can see how many ideas I have gone though, I just couldn't make up my mind! So check back often for updates! I'll have to dig up pictures of Bella-rella and Cademan's nurseries to show off soon, they were adorable.

I think I am still in shock about this little girl, and I have completely forgotten everything about having a baby! Any new baby products I need to know about? If you have any great links to baby sewing projects or nursery ideas, please post them for me!

I will be back later with an obnoxiously long photo update of what's been going on around here, I've been pretty slack on the crafting, but I did make a few cute Christmas gifts!

Hope you all are well and come check out my blog again! Happy 2013!