So it's been an {insanely} long time since I posted, and I apologize! Things here have been crazy and my blog was the easiest thing to give up, but I have missed it so much so I am hoping to revive the poor thing! So be nice and spread the word ;)

First big news, I'm having another baby girl in 26 days! Yep, surprise!!! Baby A is due on January 29th, and get this, I have NOTHING ready! I mean zip, zero, zilch, nothing. It's so sad! I did finally find a fabric that I love for the bumper, so I can get started. What do you think? It's from the Tea Garden Collection by Dena Designs for Free Spirit. I adore the color combo! Especially since the walls are already painted a raspberry color.

If you check out my pinterest board you can see how many ideas I have gone though, I just couldn't make up my mind! So check back often for updates! I'll have to dig up pictures of Bella-rella and Cademan's nurseries to show off soon, they were adorable.

I think I am still in shock about this little girl, and I have completely forgotten everything about having a baby! Any new baby products I need to know about? If you have any great links to baby sewing projects or nursery ideas, please post them for me!

I will be back later with an obnoxiously long photo update of what's been going on around here, I've been pretty slack on the crafting, but I did make a few cute Christmas gifts!

Hope you all are well and come check out my blog again! Happy 2013!



  1. Welcome back! And congratulations!!! =D

  2. 26 days! Congratulations. Happy to see you back. =)
    Oh and nurseries... love this one:

    And this one:

    That bumper fabric you picked is cute!