My fireplace still has a picture from my daughter's American Girl themed birthday party {I will post about it soon!} above it, so I figured I better change it before Thanksgiving! So Happy {early} Thanksgiving!

This is a 18x24 sized print. I'm going to have it printed at Staples as an engineering print, frame it and hang it. I will post pictures once it's up!

Check back tomorrow for details on the fonts!

Update- Here is the post about the fonts :)

Lil Mrs Tori

Since I was MIA last Christmas, I thought I would write up some tutorials of the gifts I made last year since there are only 42 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

I always make my sister-in-law's gifts {which I hope they like...hmm} and while I was wandering through Target, filling my cart with things I didn't need, I saw this placemat on sale for $4, and had a brilliant {work with me here} idea!

The placemat was kind of flimsy...uh, maybe because it was a placemat?? So the first thing I did was iron some interfacing to the backside and found a piece of thicker material to make a lining. I cut the lining fabric just a tad smaller than the placemat and serged around all four sides. I placed it on the back WRONG sides together and just sewed around all four sides to make it one piece.

Fold it in thirds, like you would a letter and sew from the "bottom" to the "middle" on both sides to create a pouch. Make sure your stitching is secure so it doesn't fall apart!

I added a beautiful button {LOVE!} to the top flap, but you could use any type of closure.

Ta-Da! Super easy, cost under $10 and only took about 30 minutes. I was so close to keeping it!

I made one for my other sister-in-law from a faux leather placemat that I found at Pier One on sale for $6 and used a magnetic snap on the inside and sewed a fake button on the outside. The placemat was so thick I was too scared to try a buttonhole.

I love how they turned out and I hope you try it! Send me a picture if you make one and I'll feature your awesomeness!

My brother is a huge Big Bang Theory fan, and when I saw the coupon for a free mug over at York Photo {use code GIVEMUG} I decided to make him a "Sheldon" quote mug for Christmas. I LOVE it! {Might possibly keep it, because I adore Sheldon!}.

I will post a picture of the mug when I get it, I cannot wait!!! Feel free to save it, pin it, use it, whatever, just let me know so I can share your awesomeness!!