Welcome to week 3 of Project Run & Play! I have loved being able to sew along for the past few weeks {thanks to my hubby for ignoring the messy house!}, and this week was no exception!

The theme this week is denim, which totally threw me for a loop! I had a great design in mind, then found out the fabric I wanted to use was $80 a YARD! Seriously?! Needless to say, I scraped that plan. Look two was turning out super cute, but too boring. I know there will be some AMAZING jackets, pants, overalls, and jumpsuits this week so I wanted to go in a different direction. I decided to take the casual fabric and make it fancy! So here is the Everyday Elsa Denim Dress!

I'm guessing your daughters are just as obsessed with Frozen as mine are {I may or may not listen to the soundtrack while alone in my car...Let it Go....you're singing it now, aren't you?}, so I decided to make a party dress that Elsa would approve of and that Bella could wear more often than just on Halloween {which is what she wants to be...must start costume!}.

I used white stretch denim and an overlay of turquoise lace for the dress. The skirt is a tea length hi-low circle skirt, perfect to mimic the train of Elsa's dress, but still wearable. There are a few snowflakes inside the skirt if you looks closely.

It is quite possibly the twirly-est dress I have ever sewn!

The denim bodice has a sweetheart neckline underneath the lace overlay, which my daughter LOVES.

The back is my favorite part though, it makes me want to sew myself a dress! I made a skinny denim belt, and of course Elsa has to have her snowflakes!

The skirt is perfect size for a princess.

And apparently you cannot stay still while wearing it!

My daughter insisted on some Elsa-ish hair, she doesn't have enough length for a braid, so this is what I can up with.

She had to throw in some Elsa poses...love my silly girl.

And of course Elsa joined us on our photo shoot.

I think it is probably the fanciest denim I have ever seen and I have a very happy girl :)

Please come back next week to see my signature style look! I can't believe it will be the last week.. *insert sad face*

Lil Mrs Tori

Welcome to week two of Project Run & Play!! I had a great time sewing along last week and am so excited that I was able to participate again this week! This week's theme is "The "Hand-me-down" Makeover. Using hand-me-downs (or upcycled clothing) make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear."

My first reaction when I heard the theme was 'men's dress shirt upcycle', but I've already done that and I figured that it might be a pretty popular route. Then I thought of using vintage linens or clothing, but I've done that {many, many, many times!}, and again it's not all that unusual anymore. I still LOVE to use them, but I wanted to try something that would {hopefully} be unique and intriguing. So here ya go, a dress made from socks and tights!

Oh yes, you read that right SOCKS and TIGHTS!

I had the epiphany when I was throwing carefully placing my husband's clothes into his closet and saw the socks that I had bought him for his birthday {romantic, right?} which were deemed "wrong". Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner, folks! I had zero clue what to do with them, but I knew I HAD to use them! I must have tried four different ways to use them until I figured out that when socks are cut open and serged they turn into GORGEOUS RUFFLY PETALS! Sooooo pretty and girly and not "men's sock-y" at all! 

The bodice is made from an old tank top of mine {after three kids it's time to give up the hope of ever wearing smalls again} that I altered to fit her and added a glorious fluffy ruffle made from a pair of tights with a run that I had been saving to make fairy wings with. 

I ripped the lining out of a skirt {that had once been a dress from Goodwill} to make a petticoat.

I had to add a sock bun of course!

The dress is perfect for twirling...

and jumping...

and being a goofball!

I am still in awe that this dress is made from things that are supposed to be worn on your feet! 

Some extra pictures I had to share! {aka couldn't decide which ones to use!}

Now I guess I should go buy my husband some new socks....

Come back next week to see my entry for the denim challenge! 

Lil Mrs Tori

Will be announced Monday! I love my dress, but there are some other beautiful designs, cross your fingers for me! I already have my look sewn for next week {thanks to Grandma for visiting and keeping my munchkins busy!}, so check back Monday to see my hand-me down/upcycled look, I LOVE it! 

Head over to Project Run & Play and check out the beautiful look that won the designers competition!

Thank you for all the comment love on my outfit, makes me giddy every time I read one! 

I'm so excited that I was able to sew along with Project Run & Play this week! I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it in time!

As soon as I found out the 80s cartoon theme I know EXACTLY what I wanted to do! My daughter is obsessed with My Little Pony {which I may or may not watch...}, and Princess Celestia is one of her favorite characters. I had to use her as my inspiration, her mane is comprised of my favorite colors and Bella loves all things twirly, so I knew the design would be perfect!

It's made of three layers of beautifully sheer chiffon which match the mane perfectly! The tunic is longer on both sides to help create the various lengths, curves... 

and to add extra twirly-ness {that should totally be a word}. I mean seriously...look at that twirl! 

I attached the layers to a piece of faux gold leather. The gold is one single piece that makes up the front yoke and the back seam. There is a button closure to mimic Princess Celestia's "cutie mark".

I also made some white leggings and ruched the sides with sparkly gold elastic. 

She looooves it and has been having a great time wearing it and prancing around like a pony. I think Princess Celestia would be proud. 

I'm insanely indecisive, so here are a few more pics of my Celestial Princess look! 

Hopefully I will be able to find time to sew along for next week too, the theme is "The "Hand-me-down" Makeover. Using hand-me-downs (or upcycled clothing) make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear."

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Check back next week to see next week's entry! Off to scrounge for hand-me-downs...

Lil Mrs Tori