Project Run & Play Season 10 is starting!!!! The themes are awesome (as always) and I'm going to attempt to sew along again. I have missed it so! 

"Week #1:  80's Cartoon Inspired
The 80's cartoons are taking over the fashion world!  Use your favorite 80's cartoon as inspiration for an everyday outfit. Think inspiration not costumes.  ( costumes...:)
Week #2:  The "Hand-me-down" Makeover. 
Using hand-me-downs (or upcycled clothing) make something modern and fashionable for your child to wear.
Week #3:  The Denim Challenge
Using some sort of denim for the majority of your outfit create something fabulous for your child to wear.

I have a plan for this week's theme, and have actually started it, gasp! Now let's see if I can finish it! 

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