My amazing author friend designed some temporary tattoos to use as swag at DragonCon, so I created some cut files and made her a little surprise :)

Her first series of books are set in a steampunk world that is full of adorable, blood sucking bunnies. Sounds strange I know, but they are AMAZING. {Even my Dad loves them}. It looks pretty great on my mommy van, doesn't it?

Her latest release, SERVANTS OF THE STORM,  is a YA all about demons in Savannah that have animal attributes (horns, fox ears, etc.), so here is her skull with ears. Check out the detail in that thing, I LOVE my Silhouette! 

Seriously, I could gush about her books all day. You can find more about her here {and I highly suggest her twitter feed, it cracks me up} and grab some free cut files while you are at it!

You can find the sugar skull here and the bludbunny here


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