This is the last project in my Silhouette Black Friday sale countdown, because the sale starts TONIGHT! However, be prepared for all my Christmas projects that I have planned with all the goodies I got!

While I was looking through the same Pottery Barn catalog that had the Joy to the World ornaments I knocked off I also saw this and fell in love....but not with the $160 price tag! Yikes!

But seriously, how beautiful is that? It makes me happy just looking at it. So I decided to try and make my own, cause that's what I do! I found an old frame I had that would work, but I couldn't find the right buckets. Bummer. I did however find these little galvanized ones on Amazon, 12 for $8.45. That I can do!

I popped the picture and glass from my frame and my awesome Dad cut me a piece of wood to fit. I then used my Silhouette to make little labels for the buckets out of their new printable adhesive kraft paper and the pen holder holding a sharpie. Here is a quick tutorial on how to cut them out and the free cut files are down at the bottom.

First step is to download the files {1-15 here and 16-25 here}, and open them in your Silhouette Studio. I have the file sized to a 8.5 x 11 sheet since that is the size the kraft paper comes in.

Open the cut settings window and select no cut.

The first step is to select the numbers and inner ovals since you will want to sketch them before cutting them out. Once they are all selected, click on cut.

Once they are selected and the setting is switched to cut, change the material to Sketch Pen. Change your blade out for the pen holder and a Sharpie. Send it to the Silhouette.

It will look like this.

Once it is done sketching DO NOT unload the paper! Go back to your edit screen, deselect everything, then go back and select only the OUTER ovals. Switch your material to Kraft Paper and the pen holder to the correct blade and setting. Send it back to the Silhouette.

It will run the paper back through cutting out the previously sketched ovals. perfectly. I'm digging the pen holder, the possibilities are endless! 

Once I had the labels printed and cut, I ripped off the handles from the buckets and stuck the labels on. Super easy since they are adhesive backed. 

The you'll have to measure {which I dread} and attach the buckets to the wood. I did mine about 4" apart vertically and horizontally. I made a small drill hole in the back of each bucket and secured them onto the wood with a small nail. 

Fill and you're done! Pretty cute for under $20! 

As always, grab the files {1-15 and 16-25} and share some pics! 


  1. That is super-cute! I bet the labels would look awesome in the printable gold foil too.

  2. The 16-25 is actually 1-15 as well, let me know if you wouldn't mind fixing it, I would LOVE to have it! TIA!

    1. Oh goodness, thank you for telling me! I fixed it, here is the link! Please let me know if it works!