Does this make you as giddy as it does me?! Two more days!

My friends always joke about adding coke to your rum or coffee to your milk and sugar, so I thought this would be cute to bring along with me to a cookie exchange. {I think I may attempt these chalkboard cookies, aren't they adorable?}

 My mom had this vintage carafe on a shelf....I may have hijacked it...shhh...

I love how the red reminds me of my measuring cups. 

 It's simple and easy, perfect for a quick project. Grab the file here and enjoy some holiday cheer!


  1. Hilarious- and super cute and retro looking. It reminds me of the Pyrex measuring cups. Love it!!

  2. That's pretty funny! I used to be a 'put a little coffee in that cream and sugar' kind of person, so I know what you are talking about. My favorite part of this carafe though, is the nutmeg. Imagine actually using that much nutmeg in anything! =)

    1. I totally messed that up! LOL The file doesn't have it spread that far apart, but I used little scraps of vinyl because I didn't have a large piece in the color I wanted and totally misaligned it! But yeah, that would be pretty awful!

    2. LOL, I thought it was intentional. =)