Squee! My Boho Bubble Dress made it into the top ten in Project Run & Play's January challenge!! There are some adorable looks, but you NEED to go vote for MINE!

Since I know you LOVE me {right?!}, you can go here to vote. Just two little clicks and I would be so grateful! The voting closes on the 29th {which is my baby's 2nd birthday!}, so hurry on over!



go here ;) 

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My favorite-ist thing ever is back! Project Run and Play started up again {I just noticed!} and they have changed up the format, which I'm pretty excited about. They must have realized how hard it is to design, sew, photograph and blog something in a week so they lengthened it to a month.

How it works is that at the beginning of each month the PR&P ladies pick an amazing mega blogger to choose one of her tutorials, this month it's Alida Makes and her Bubble Dress tutorial, after everyone submits their designs the blogger picks her top ten favorites and then they are voted on by the interwebz. It sounds interesting and I like the fact they I don't have to try and cram everything into a week! Enough explaining, here's my Bubble Dress tutorial inspired look!

Boho Bubble Dress

First, did you notice  my 70s tint and rounded corners up there....yeah, I'm a dork like that. 

When I found out the challenge I knew that I wanted to use the bubble technique in multiple ways since it is SO simple to do and I love the result. While cleaning out my craft room {aka the black hole of crafting}, I came across this vintage fabric that my mom found in an antique shop and knew exactly what I wanted to do. How beautiful is this fabric? The gold looks like it was painted on, I just love it.

I have never sewn anything using fabric with this type of pattern, so I had no idea what the "right" way to cut my pieces out was, so this is what I did! Tim Gunn would be appalled  I'm sure! 

I drafted a pattern and wanted to cut out the pieces so that everything would line up and be symmetrical. And who would have guessed, but it actually worked! I'm very impressed with myself!

The bodice is lined {so I wouldn't have to mess with facings}, and the sleeves and skirt are BOTH bubbles! Do you know what that means? There was no hemming involved! I HATE hemming. It's evil. Look at those adorable bubble sleeves!

She loves peace signs...hasn't quite mastered it yet...

It's not as twirly as my usual looks, but my daughter LOVES it and wore it to school today. I love that it's age appropriate, but still cute. Here is the usual barrage of pictures, because I'm the most indecisive person ever!

She made me take pictures of her with her fox...she is a hippie!

I hope you like it and be sure to come back in a few weeks to see what the February challenge will be and to see what I've been up to!