I had a hard time this week with the "signature style" theme for Project Run & Play. My signature style is little girly dresses with vintage pieces, but my daughter is just too old for that look now and my little one WILL NOT let me take pictures of her! So here is my signature style compromise, a grown up girly girl with less frill, but still feminine.

an In Be"tween" Princess

For the bodice I used the Cosette pattern from Violette Field Threads {LOVE!}, 
but added a circle skirt instead of a gathered skirt.

I was able to sneak in a few ruffles without her complaining about it being to babyish, win!

I made a hi-low circle skirt...from a tablecloth from Target! Yep, I'm cool like that ;) It worked beautifully and was way cheaper than buying all that fabric! Plus it was already hemmed! 
Does it get better than that? 

I adore it, I would totally wear it if I could pull it off!

I had a great time sewing along with Project Run & Play this season! Looking forward to the next one! In the meantime I am working on stocking up my new store, look for it soon!

I was a few hours short of missing the cutoff this week, but I made it! Whew! This week's Project Run and Play theme was "All That Glitters", so here is my beautiful, glittery,

Golden Girl

I knew right away that I wanted to make a golden circle skirt, {if you've been here before you know I love circle skirts}. I used a gold satin and gold glittery elastic, it's super shiny and I wish it were in my size!

I made three tops, which is the reason that I almost ran out of time! The first two just didn't look right with the skirt, so I kept working! My daughter's friend modeled shirt #2 down below, it's much cuter with jeans than it was with the skirt!

I ended up making a simple black tank and added some glitter with an iron on quote that I made with my Silhouette machine. Perfect for the skirt!

Here is shirt #2, my daughter's friend want to be a "tough girl" and wear some glitter 
with her combat boots, looks pretty adorable!

They said that both girly girls AND tough girls can "pull off" glitter....Love these two!

I love the girly, but sophisticated look that I ended up with, perfect for my tween! 

I apologize for the bad pictures, it was literally 9 at night! Go forth and leave a little sparkle, y'all!

I have a {bordering on obsessive} love of all things Harry Potter. I'm a total fangirl and freely admit it! As soon as I learned that there was going to be a Project Run and Play cosplay challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Introducing...

 Hipster Harry Potter!

If you aren't sure what the shirt is representing, watch this.... be prepared, it's annoying yet strangely hilarious!

I ended up making hand stenciled lightning bolt leggings, a racer back tunic, long cardigan, infinity scarf {of course!}, and a beanie in true hipster style.

I drafted a racer back hi-lo tunic, and made the iron on using my Silhouette machine. She LOVES it! And is now officially cooler than I am! {we won't discuss how long ago that actually happened...}

I made a long lightweight knit asymmetrical cardigan {like a wizard's cape...see what I did there?} I couldn't get a great picture of it, but trust me, it's cute. She has worn it everyday since I made it, which is her highest compliment.

I drafted the leggings and used freezer paper and my Silhouette machine to make a stencil to paint on the lightning bolts. For awhile there they were leaning towards superhero tights, but I love how they turned out!

Every hipster must have a scarf {Gryffindor house colors, for those non-Harry Potter fans}, I didn't want to make it striped because I knew it would be too busy, so I just did each side a different color.

I made a knit beanie {a hipster wizards hat...get it? heh.}

Accio, more pictures! {Harry Potter humor...}

Which book is your favorite? I can never decide! I'm a Hufflepuff, I love everything!

A few quick notes....

They changed up the format of Project Run and Play, so there is no more voting for the sew along, just a random number picker, kinda bummed, but I still like having an excuse to sew!

My daughter got the role of Zazu in her drama class play of The Lion King, she is super excited, I just wish I could design her costume!

I have an adorable free Silhouette cut file to make this last minute Valentine's Day gift, so check back tomorrow and I will have it up! 

I'm in the process of writing the post for my new Project Run and Play look (cosplay theme!), so check back for that too! It's adorable, if I do say so myself :)

Praise the crafting gods, Project Run and Play is back! I was doing really well sewing along last season until we decided to home school our monsters kids. That choice has turned my life upside down, but I'm slowly getting used to our new normal and realize that if I don't do something for myself I am going to scream {more than usual}, 
so here we are! 

This week's challenge is to make a look using mostly knit fabric, so here is my 

Modern Bohemian Maxi dress. 

I'm usually not a pattern girl, but I saw the Haven dress by Violette Field Threads and 
HAD TO HAVE IT! I've been waiting for a reason to sew one up! 

I used a Nicole Miller scuba knit fabric from JoAnns and some "leather" to make the look a little bit more grown up {when did she get so big?!}. I adore the print and love that it was a thicker knit so I was able to sew it to the leather without any stretching issues. 

I lengthened the pattern because my daughter loves maxis and the fabric is 
too pretty to make into a short dress!

But the back....you guys....THE BACK, look at it! To die for, right?

And if you have ever been here before you know I am the worst decision maker ever, 
so here are all the other pictures I wanted to add! I took over 300 and had to bribe her 
with cash, so I might as well use them!

I had such a lovely time planning and sewing and I can't wait to make some "me time" to sew along again next week! Head on over to Project Run and Play and see the other looks!

And while I have you all....any homeschoolers out there? Tips for a newbie?? 
Other then invest in lots of coffee...