I had a hard time this week with the "signature style" theme for Project Run & Play. My signature style is little girly dresses with vintage pieces, but my daughter is just too old for that look now and my little one WILL NOT let me take pictures of her! So here is my signature style compromise, a grown up girly girl with less frill, but still feminine.

an In Be"tween" Princess

For the bodice I used the Cosette pattern from Violette Field Threads {LOVE!}, 
but added a circle skirt instead of a gathered skirt.

I was able to sneak in a few ruffles without her complaining about it being to babyish, win!

I made a hi-low circle skirt...from a tablecloth from Target! Yep, I'm cool like that ;) It worked beautifully and was way cheaper than buying all that fabric! Plus it was already hemmed! 
Does it get better than that? 

I adore it, I would totally wear it if I could pull it off!

I had a great time sewing along with Project Run & Play this season! Looking forward to the next one! In the meantime I am working on stocking up my new store, look for it soon!


  1. The skirt on this dress is AMAZING! I love it paired with the ruffles on the bodice!

  2. WOW! This is stunning!! She is all ready for the ball.
    Fantastic job.

  3. I adore the skirt on the dress! And the bodice is lovely. It's a great dress!

  4. That is so pretty! I am in the same predicament...I can no longer sew girly dresses. My tween is done with them, so now I have to figure out other things to make her.

    1. It's tricky! My three year old just wants to live in pjs, so she's not helpful!

  5. This is so very amazing! Love this; it's perfect for that awkward tween stage because this is the polar opposite of awkward!

  6. This is so beautiful! Table cloth? How smart!!!

  7. No one would ever guess that skirt is made from a tablecloth. Good idea to change gathers to a circle skirt - so much more grown up. A beautiful dress, Stephanie.